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Deep and involving story-line

Accompany Boletz Brothers in their epic quest - to build their own bank. Unfortunately, all you have is a barren molehill...


Suprisingly, moles can be used as projectiles. It seems that it's also pretty common to see floating parts of bank from big corporations above your molehill. #justpolishthings


Do you have a trumpet somewhere around you? No? Don't worry, neither do we! However, Boletz Brothers are well-known trumpeters and are able to catch and shoot moles from... their trumpet! This is some Boletz magic.

Boletz Brothers, I hate them so much...


Local multiplayer with split-screen (2 players). Recommended 2 XBox joysticks or at least 1 for second player (first player can use mouse and keyboard).

Mouse/Keyboard (First player only):
Movement: WSAD
Camera: Mouse movement
Jump: Spacebar
Mole detection: Right Mouse Button
Mole catching: Left Mouse Button
Mole shooting: Press and hold LMB

Movement: Left analog
Camera: Right analog
Jump: A
Mole detection: Left Bumper
Mole catching: Right Bumper
Mole shooting: Press and hold Right bumper


Flavo Boletz.zip 65 MB

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