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Year 2173.
Zahid l'Hera is the very first and most influential cyborg on Earth. He is also suspected to be responsible for The Great Pyramid Scheme in Bablion which resulted in the greatest economic crisis in history of mankind...
Two robo-bailiffs - THC and MOCKEBE - was sent to retrieve stolen goods from Zahid. Little did they know that their mission would not be simple...

Venture inside The Great Pyramid in Babilon and defeat evil Zahid!
To play the game, 2 players are required (at least one Xbox-compatible gamepad must be connected, in addition to keyboard+mouse set).

Flavo Babilon was made on Flavo Engine - our own game engine written purely in C++ with built-in level editor. It won Game Development category in ZTGK competition (Poland).

How to Play:

  1. Download Build.zip
  2. Unpack it (7-zip, WinRar or by similar app)
  3. Open Bin directory
  4. Run FlavoBabilon.exe 
    1. You can also run FlavoEditor.exe to modify existing maps (all assets are under Data directory; it is also possible to create a new one but you will have to add this new scene to Config/BuildSettings.json and create new teleporter on NewGame.fscene which will lead to it)

-- RELEASE DATE:  29.06.2018 --

Adam Bąk - 3D artist
Mateusz Nagórka - Graphic Rendering programmer
Mateusz Ptasiński - Physics & Audio programmer
Mariusz Sielicki - Engine, Tools & Gameplay programmer
Natalia Wylezińska - 2D & 3D artist


Build.zip 253 MB

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